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Helletts Slaughterhouse:

We slaughter cattle, sheep and pigs for other butchers shops, farm shops, farmers who attend farmers markets and animals for the rare breed survival trust marketing scheme, such as Gloucester Old Spots, British Slop, Berkshires, Tamworth, to name several rare pig breeds as well as a variety of rare sheep and cattle breeds.

We also welcome private individuals, small holders and the ever growing number of hobbyists in need of abattoir & slaughtering services in the Huntingdon area.

Slaughterhouse for Hog Roasts

We also prepare & supply pigs for hog roasts, the chances are if you have attended a hog roast in the area you will have already unknowing seen what we can do.

We can collect within a 40 mile radius of Kimbolton if required. Turnaround for pigs and sheep is within 7 days and cattle within 14 days or we can hang beef as required by arrangement.

We cut cattle to your requirements; primal cuts or quarter or to your exact specification if you have specific cuts you would prefer.

Lambs and pigs we cut to the customers requirements and can be either left whole, split, or jointed.

Genuine, Humane & Dignified

We care very deeply about what we do and how we do it. If you are concerned about where your food comes from, it’s traceability, animal treatment and welfare, you are not alone. Our aim is to provide happy food you can trust.


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